The Ontario Association of Bovine Practitioners (OABP) is a voluntary association that strives to represent the interests of veterinarians working in all aspects of the dairy, beef, and veal cattle industries. Click here to view our  Promo/Info Brochure  2020.


    • To support the interests of bovine practitioners in Ontario and to promote their image within the profession and among the public and industries they serve.
    • To further enhance the relationship of the bovine practitioner with all stakeholders in the cattle industry, establishing the veterinarian as a key player in the production of quality beef and dairy products.
    • To promote, support, and uphold high professional standards, continuing education, and self-development among its membership.
    • To effectively and actively communicate/co-operate with academia, regulatory agencies, and other veterinary or agricultural groups/organizations in support of the image and objectives of the Association.
    • To identify, encourage, and support bovine research in areas of need or interest to the membership, profession, and the public.
    • To increase awareness/communication among the Association’s membership and veterinary students interested in bovine practice on issues/concerns of Ontario bovine practitioners and the industries they serve.
    •  To increase awareness of, and interest in, bovine practice among agricultural and veterinary students.

If you wish to know more about OABP, please email us at oabpruth@gmail.com.

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