Bovine Surveillance Project on Calf Health

PROJECT UPDATE as of March 2017:   52 calves in, 40 or so to go by September 2017!

The Calf Health Surveillance project is still accepting calves for post-mortem or samples from calves posted on the farm and questionnaires from all commodities (dairy, cow-calf and veal).  Any questions contact:
Ann Godkin at  or via cell at    519 835 5981.

The Calf project requires a PID (Premise Identification number) on the special project AHL submission form (posted below) and a Questionnaire completed with each calf owner (once per 12 months, not necessary to do twice if a 2nd calf is also submitted from the same farm).   We want calves with all problems leading to mortality (died or euth’d)  – not just Salmonella suspects.

Questionnaires can be done via online link (below in red) or via paper and emailed or faxed to Ann Godkin.  ( ;  519 846 8178).

A few important things you need to know for doing the electronic on-line surveys:

1) The survey can be completed at a farm on any smartphone, tablet or computer that has an internet connection. You must have an internet connection to load the webpages with the questionnaires.
2) For the multiple choice questions, once you select an option, you cannot deselect it, but you can change your response to a different option.
3) For the questions that have a “slider bar” where you slide to the percentage, if the percentage is 0%, please tap the bar so 0% pops up. Doing nothing is not a “0” answer but instead is a “no answer” in the data.
4) Once you have completed the survey, the responses are automatically uploaded into our project database. There is nothing further you need to do on your end.

Introduction to Bovine Surveillance Project,  April 2016

Bovine Surveillance Lab Submission Form (CALFSURVPM-001)

Request to test milk sample for Ab to Salmonella Dublin

Questionnaire COW-CALF -Assessing Herds for Risks for Salmonella Dublin Entry and Spread
COW-CALF On-Line Survey

Questionnaire DAIRY – Assessing Herds for Risks for Salmonella Dublin Entry and Spread Final
DAIRY On-Line Survey

Questionnaire VEAL – Assessing Herds for Risks for Salmonella Dublin Entry and Spread 
VEAL On-Line Survey

Project Contact INFO:

Ann Godkin
Project Co-ordinator

Office direct (can leave message):  519-846-3409
Cell (text or call to enroll pms):  519-835-5981
FAX for Milk test request forms  OR scan and email:  519-846-8178