OABP Membership

Interested in becoming a member of OABP?

Membership in the Ontario Association of Bovine Practitioners (OABP) is limited to veterinarians and veterinary students.  Here are the details:

  • Yearly membership is based on the calendar year.
  • OABP members in good standing are automatically granted membership with the Canadian Association of Bovine Veterinarians/Association Canadienne des Vétérinaires Bovins (CABV/ACVB).
  • Membership newsletter published four times per year, delivered electronically or via mail.
  • Access to email Listserv for discussions/notifications via email.
  • Discounted registration fee to attend continuing education conferences (held twice annually).
  • Access to “Members Only” page on OABP website (password protected).


There shall be six CLASSES OF MEMBERSHIP in this Association:

ACTIVE  MEMBERS shall be veterinarians engaged in, or shall have an abiding interest in the general field of bovine practice and shall be members in good standing of the College of Veterinarians of Ontario. Active members in good standing shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of the Association.

HONORARY  MEMBERS shall be those persons, veterinarians or not, who have made noteworthy and outstanding contributions to bovine practice. Any active member may propose candidates for Honorary Membership. Unanimous approval of the Executive is required for election to this category. Honorary members shall have the privilege of attending all meetings of the Association but shall not vote, hold office, or pay dues.

ASSOCIATE  MEMBERS shall be graduate veterinarians who wish to belong to, but do not hold a valid license with, the College of Veterinarians of Ontario. They will be non-voting members.

STUDENT  MEMBERS (including graduate students) shall be enrolled in an accredited School or College of Veterinary Medicine and shall be members of the Canadian Veterinary Student Association. They will pay reduced annual dues of $30 to have access to the members-only section of the website, and listserv but will not be voting members. Payment of annual dues will include admission to one Continuing Education meeting per calendar year.

LIFE  members will be veterinarians, previously active in practice, academia, government or industry. LIFE membership status will be bestowed by the Executive. LIFE members will not hold office, vote, or pay dues.

RETIRED  members will include veterinarians who are no longer in active practice, but wish to continue communication with the Association. RETIRED members will receive newsletters and have access to web resources/listserv. RETIRED members will not hold office or vote. Dues will be 50% of those collected for ACTIVE members.

To become a member, please print this Membership Form (PDF format). Complete the form, and mail it with your cheque, to the address indicated on the form.