Vet’s Corner – Beef

The OABP Executive has agreed to coordinate rotating columns in both the Ontario Dairy Farmer and Ontario Beef Farmer magazines. OABP members are encouraged to contribute articles. Please email the OABP office for more information.  Click links below to view past articles.

Pregnant Feedlot Heifers – Dr. Rebecca Cornell

Fall Calf Health Q & A – Dr. Gabriel Jantzi
Managing Calf Scours – Dr. Jessica Gordon

The Case For Preconditioning – Dr. Gregory Aitken
Beef Calf Colostrum – Dr. Jessica Retterath

What Can Your Vet Do For You? – Dr. Jessica Gordon
The Skinny on Deworming – Dr. Jessica Gordon

Best Defense is a Good Offense – Dr. Taika von Konigslow
More Money Reproduction – Dr. Jessica Gordon

Economics of Pregnancy Testing Your Herd – Dr. Jessica Gordon
Ensuring A Healthy Show Season for Your 4-H Calf – Dr. Crystal Throop

Stress – Dr. Rob Swackhammer
Keeping Our Animals Disease Free – Dr. Sherri Christie
Yellow Fever Moves North – Dr. Jessica Gordon

Protect Your Marketing Opportunities – Dr. Rob Walsh
Preparing for Pink Eye – Dr. Jenn Megens
Coping With The Cold – Dr. Kelly Barratt

Focus on Efficiency – Dr. Rob Walsh
The Case of the Banged Up – Dr. Adam Haight

Keeping Cattle Cool – Dr. Andrew Zwambag
Itchy, Scratchy, Squirmy – Dr. Jason Brownridge
Medications Purchase Challenge – Dr. Lance Males
Spring Away From Calf Scours – Dr. Rex Crawford

Future Investments – Dr. Kelly Barratt
Hidden and Lurking – Dr. Christie Morrow
Like Death and Taxes – Dr. Mac Littlejohn
Dealing With Abortion – Dr. Kelly Barratt

Cutting Off Low Fertility – Dr. James Dykeman
Making The Commitment to Prevention – Dr. Mac Littlejohn
Blackleg Outbreak Show Vaccines Value – Dr. Robert McGregor

Dummy Calf Syndrome – Dr. Lance Males
Vaccination Loopholes – Dr. Ray Reynen
Stopping BVD at the Door – Dr. Andrew MacLeod
Johnes Likes Cattle – Dr. Ann Godkin