Vet’s Corner – Dairy

The OABP Executive has agreed to coordinate rotating columns in both the Ontario Dairy Farmer and Ontario Beef Farmer  magazines. OABP members are encouraged to contribute articles. Please email the OABP office for more information.  Click links below to view past articles.

Focus on Efficiency – Dr. Rob Walsh
Fly On The Wall – Dr. Steve Elgersma
Bunching – Dr. Jennifer Reynen
Clean Fresh Air – Dr. Ray Reynen
Calving Intervention – Dr. Kalie Bernardo
Calf Tips – Tried and True – Dr. Robyn Elgie
The Fresh Check – Dr. Christian Heyerhoff
SOP For Making Changes – Dr. Kyle Steeves
Squirrel the Heifer – Dr. Lance Males
Quota Constraints and Fluctuations – Dr. Chelsea Allan
Manage Udder Health Over the Dry Period – Dr. Rob Walsh
Are You Taking Advantage of Your Vet – Dr. Amanda Topp
Keep Them Rolling – Dr. Ray Reynen
Heifer Inventory – Dr. Robyn Elgie
Sweat The Small Things! Best Practices at Milking – Dr. Dan Shock
Problems with Calf Pneumonia?  Assess Your Calf Program’s ABCs – Dr. Charlotte Winder
Subclinical vs Clinical Mastitis – Dr. Ann Godkin
Registered Veterinary Technicians – Dr. Kyle Steeves
Evaluating Teat SanitationDr. Stephen Elgersma
How Good Is Your Heifer Rearing Program – Dr. Christian Heyerhoff
Calf Management F.L.A.W.S.S. – Dr. Kelly Fisher
Teat Sealant Case – Dr. Lance Males
Calf Barn Cleanliness – Dr. Stephen Elgersma
More Is Not Always Better Dr. Rob Walsh
End of Life Decisions – The Elephant in the Room – Dr. Dan Shock
Lameness Hurts – Dr. Darryl Smith
The Forgotten CalvesDr. Ray Reynen
COVID-19 On The Dairy FarmDr. Kyle Steeves
Big Picture Thinking With Respect to SDCT – Dr. Robyn Elgie
Improved Dry Cow Management – Dr. Ann Godkin
Vaccinating for BRD – Dr. Chelsea Allan

Antibiotic Resistance – Dr. Dan Shock
Biosecurity For Your Herd – Dr. Beth Van Rys
Could Vitamin E and Selenium Deficiency Be Impacting Your Calf Health? – Dr. Lance Males
Calf Diphtheria – Dr. Gabriel Jantzi
Summer SCC Risk – Dr. Darryl Smith
Selective Dry Cow TherapyDr. Kyle Steeves
The Lurking Monster in Calf CareDr. Robyn Elgie
Reproductive Progress – Dr. Ray Reynen
Raising Good Replacements – Dr. Amanda Topp
Downer CowsDr. Sherri Christie
Maximizing Your Milk Cheque – Dr. Chelsea Allan

The Times They Have A Changed – Dr. Dan Shock
Mycotoxins are in the ForecastDr. Kyle Steeves
Increasing Profitability – Dr. Robyn Elgie
Benchmarking 101 – Dr. Ray Reynen
Cool Down Your Frustrations – Dr. John Las
How Is Your Monitoring Going – Dr. Sherri Christie
Replacement Heifer Mastitis – Dr. Kyle Steeves
Treating Lameness Like Infectious Diseases – Dr. Chelsea Allan
Antimicrobial Resistance – Dr. Charlotte Winder
Embracing Difficult Questions – Dr. Jennifer Hubbard
Are You Using the Right Teat Dip? – Dr. Amanda Topp
Caring for Newborn Calves – Dr. Charlotte Winder
Milk Replacer Mixing – Dr. Andrew deHaan

The Poisoned Chalice – Dr. Dan Shock
White Muscle Disease  (Message from Beyond the Grave) – Dr. Ann Godkin
Ketosis – Dr. Henry Ceelen
Making Effective Use of SOPs – Dr. Charlotte Winder
Mastitis Hurts – Dr. Cynthia Miltenburg
How to Clean Calf Stuff – Dr. Jessica Retterath
Its Getting Hot Outside – Dr. Dan Shock
Full House – Dr. Ray Reynen
Moldy Feeds – Dr. Taika von Konigslow
Putting An End To Milk Fevers – Dr. Cynthia Miltenburg
Ready, Set, Milk – Dr. Rob Walsh

Heifer Rearing – Do You Know Your Costs…per Kilogram? Dr. Charlotte Winder
Essentials of Indoor Calf Housing – Drs. Henry Ceelen and Brian Keith
Another Look At Mastitis – Dr. Sherri Christie
Focus on Forming Good Habits BEFORE Day 1 – Dr. Dan Shock
Effective Use of Antimicrobial Therapy for Mastitis – Dr. Charlotte Winder
Freestall Management and Maintenance – Dr. Jessica Retherath
Heat Abatement in Dry Cows Produces Stronger Calves – Dr. Cynthia Miltenburg
Making the Case for Chilled Colostrum – Dr. Geert Jongert
Ensuring A Healthy Show Season for Your 4-H Calf – Dr. Crystal Throop

Bottlenecks and Blind Spots – Dr. Chris Church
Dam Management and Calf Health – Dr. Kimberley Koeslag
Keep Them Cycling – Dr. John Las
Taking Care of Next Generation – Dr. David Lamb
On The Ground – Dr. Amanda Topp
Knocking Down Pinkeye – Dr. Sherri Christie
Space and Time for Transition Cows – Dr. Jessica Retterth
Making the Right Business Decision – Dr. Rob Walsh
Anaplasmosis – Dr. Jessica Gordon
Feeding Calves For Cold Weather – Dr. Jessica Gordon

How Do You Budget Time – Dr Rob Walsh
Optimizing Production With Heat Stress Management – Dr. Dave Lamb
Managing Dry Cows For Improved Udder Health – Dr. Rob Walsh
Teat Ends – Dr. Jessica Retterath

To Ship or Not to Ship – Dr. Kelly Barratt
Best Practices for Dehorning – Dr. Cynthia Miltenburg
The Experiment – Dr. Dave Douglas
The Other Staph and Its Impact on Milk Quality – Dr. Crystal Throop
Blueprint for Success – Dr. Jason Brownridge
Manage Your Dry Cows for Reproductive Success – Dr. Rob Walsh
Milk Fever- New Ideas About An Old Disease – Dr. Kelly Barratt

Adding It All Up With CQM – Dr. Kelly Haelzle
Get Your Cupboard in Shape – Dr. Cynthia Miltenburg
Analyze Records and Learn: SCC – Dr. Dave Douglas
Small Steps to Lower SCC – Dr. Dave Douglas
The New Rules of the Medications Game – Dr. Lance Males

Buyer Beware – Dr. Ann Godkin
Milk Replacer Math – Dr. David Douglas
Standardizing 4-H Show Health – Dr. Henry Ceelen
Change to Benefit Your Business – Dr. Rob Walsh
Preventing Displacements – Dr. Jason Brownridge
Hot Weather Coping – Dr. Geert Jongert
Abortion Storm in a Needle – Dr. Lance Males

Johnes Test Decision – Dr. Ann Godkin
Prevent Abomasal Ulcers – Dr. Henry Ceelen
No Shortcuts to Healthy Calves – Dr. Dave Douglas
To Pull or Not To Pull – Dr. Jason Brownridge
Reproduction – Dr. Chris Church
Limiting Calf Pneumonia – Dr. Jamie Hobson
A Better Calf-Rearing System – Dr. Henry Ceelen

Staying Ahead of Reproduction – Dr. Christie Morrow
Preserving Your Heifer Pipeline – Dr. David Douglas
Watch For Cow Signals – Dr. Phil Meadows
An Abortion Storm – Dr. Lance Males
Options For Terminally Lame Cows – Dr. Gerard Kramer
Making Embryo Transfer Work Part 1  – Dr. Adam Haight
New Embryo Technologies Emerge Part 2  – Dr. Adam Haight
It’s All In The Details – Dr. Phil Meadows

Why Do We Still Use Herd Bulls? – Dr. Andrew MacLeod
Mycoplasma Outbreaks Rare in Dairy Cows – Dr. Jamie Hobson
The Mad Cow Hangover Lingers – Dr. Henry Ceelen
Water Supply Critical – Dr. David Douglas
Clear Communication and a Vaccine Quandry – Dr. James Dykeman
Cleaning Up Colostrum Management – Dr. Phil Meadows
Dairy Health Management Tools – Dr. Wayne Shewfelt

Salmonella Troubles – Dr. Wayne Shewfelt
Defining Herd Health – Dr. Rod Wieringa
Crazy About Sand – Dr. Rod Wieringa
Bunkspace and Social Stress – Dr. Rick Knill
Staph Aureus: The Gift That Keeps Giving – Dr. Henry Ceelen
Start Thinking Biosecurity – Dr. Rod Wieringa

Nothing Has Changed – Why The Problems? – Dr. Henry Ceelen
The Wide-Ranging Effects of Bad Haylage – Dr. James Dykeman
Taking The Next Step On Heat Stress – Dr. Wayne Shewfelt
Talking to Consumers – Dr. Rod Wieringa
On-Farm Decision Making – Dr. Andrew MacLeod
Green Chop Corn Silage – Dr. Warren Skippon