Promoting the interests of bovine veterinarians in Ontario.


OABP Award of Excellence

This award is presented to an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to the practice of bovine veterinary medicine in Ontario. The award is only presented when a truly exceptional, highly deserving candidate is nominated. Recipients contributions have included:

  • Exceptional efforts in the area of continuing education for veterinarians engaged in bovine practice.
  • Outstanding achievements in veterinary practice or medicine with involvement in affiliated professional or industry associations.
  • Significant involvement representing and speaking on behalf of food animal practitioners.
  • Distinguished efforts, through formal research or activities in regulatory agencies, which has had a positive impact on members of the OABP.
  • Actions that have elevated the standards of bovine practice, the professional reputations of veterinarians and strengthened the public’s appreciation for the role of the veterinary practitioner in Ontario’s food production system.
  • Click here to download OABP Award of Excellence Nomination Form
  • Past recipients of the Award of Excellence are as follows:


Dr. Phil Meadows (2023)
Dr. Rob Tremblay (2022)
Dr. Todd Duffield (2021)

Dr. David Kelton (2020)
Dr. Ewen Ferguson (2019)
Dr. Kelly Barratt (2017)
Dr. David Douglas (2016)
Dr. Jim Fairles (2015)
Dr. Ken Bateman (2013)
Dr. Kerry Lissemore (2012)
Dr. Henry Ceelen (2011)
Dr. Randy Graham (2010)
Dr. Wayne Shewfelt (2009)
Dr. Ken Leslie (2007)
Dr. Ann Godkin (2006)
Dr. Reny Lothrop (2005)
Dr. Daniel Butler (2003)
Dr. Neil Anderson (2002)

OABP Veterinary Service Award

The OABP Veterinary Service Award is meant to honour a veterinarian who has demonstrated outstanding service and dedication to the Ontario bovine industry.

Click here to download the OABP Service Award Nomination Form

Past recipients of the OABP Service Award are as follows:

Dr. Paul Tummon (2023)
Dr. Tom Wheal (2022)
Dr. Ray Reynen (2021)

Dr. Joel Rumney (2020)
Dr. Wayne Shewfelt (2019)
Dr. Ann Godkin (2018)

Dr. Len Stewart (2017)
Dr. Adrian Miltenburg (2016)
Dr. Lavern Clark (2015)
Dr. Terry Johnston (2014)
Dr. Brian MacNaughton (2013)
Dr. Kerry Blagrave (2012)
Dr. Bruce Robinson (2011)
Dr. Reny Lothrop (2010)
Dr. Murrel Bauman (2009)

OABP Honourary Members

Dr. Jan Shapiro
George MacNaughton
Jack Rodenburg
Doug Young